"L’Armonial is a brilliant project! It is imperatively necessary to keep the atmosphere of our neighborhood! It is this typical charm that residents and tourists fancy most. I think that Greenstone should multiply its real estate initiatives in the whole street of Abdel Wahab el Inglizi! The palaces and the fabulous abodes are part of the country prestige. To destroy them, as it is done in Sursock, is a crime! The government should help to preserve the architectural heritage of Lebanon, otherwise, Beirut will soon resemble to a succession of towers. That a private enterprise did it, I find that tremendous".
Mireille Issa, a sixty year old jewel creator

"Everyone is selling land in Abdel Wahab el Inglizi. Currently, three buildings are being destroyed. There are almost no more old houses left in this street. It is so shameful. I love this neighborhood; the residents are very courteous, very educated. To merge an old residence and a new building is a very smart idea. It is a fusion between the past and the future of architecture. In this manner, we keep the roots of that era and we turn ourselves towards the future".
Norma Bassil, 33 years, beautician

"LArmonial is an original and aesthetic project. Now a day the modern architecture is no longer monolithic, it exploits the effects of mass, structure and color. L’Armonial replicates this tendency; it is not just a simple structure in cubic form. The material assembly, the idea to combine an authentic house to a line much more high tech is innovating. And to maintain the yellow color of the facade, as on my own house and the others, is important for the neighborhood harmony. I have myself "established" this neighborhood. For thirty years, I have added trees, I painted and renovated my own house. With L’Armonial, the memory of the old, the memory of the heritage remains".
Najib Trad, 65 years, owner of the Arcades

"My philosophy in life is that beauty lies within the old and the new. You should live with your time. I like contemporary. An old building cannot always offer the comfort of the modern building. And I find the idea of the solar panels and the thermal isolation brilliant! It is very ecological. I myself pay particular attention to the sorting of waste, to the economy of energy. We must think of our environment. We can go even further and propose a completely autonomous habitat in energy as seen in Japan!"
Randa Makarem, 40 years, trader

“I live in Abdel Wahab el Inglizi since my childhood. I saw two houses belonging to my family be destroyed. The identity of Beirut shouldn’t die and people remain insensitive. The project L’Armonial is an effort not to tear down the beautiful houses of the type art déco and art nouveau. The positive point for me is that the house will not be removed, and that this pretty facade will be kept. It is absolutely necessary to preserve the architectural legacy of the district. But one should not forget to think of the greenery, to make gardens, it is also that Abdel Wahab”.
Andrée Ingea, interior designer

“The world evolves. One cannot always keep the old where the norms of comfort and safety are not sufficient. People want today the seal of the old and the comfort of the modern. L’Armonial combines both. This way, we keep the picturesque glare, typical to this district, and at the same time, with the flood of people into the city, and the boost in demand for apartments, we need more space. With a 20 storey building, adjoined to an old house, not only we avoid destroying the legacy but we facilitate the accommodation of the new townsmen”.
May Mamarbachi, 54 years, traveler consultant

“This is modern-day! Everyone adores the comfort of the big luxury buildings, whether it is in Lebanon, in the Gulf, or elsewhere. I definitely like contemporary style and big spaces. This building will offer all potential comforts: swimming pool, gymnasium, international security standards … and a typical facade. I would love to live in this place! ”
Charbel Khoury, 26 years, salesman 

“The ancients of Abdel Wahab el Inglizi see, death in their heart, their district deteriorating. It is hard for them. I like the character of this street. It is part of our heritage. But, when I purchase my own apartment, I do not want to spend months, even years, to fix it up. The old houses need constant care. With L’Armonial one has all of the benefits: the norms of comfort and safety of modern life, the esthetics, and a house of almost 100 years saved! ”
Tony Hourani, 22 years, student

“There exists a great number of old residences in Abdel Wahab el Inglizi. But the owners do not have the financial means to maintain them. It is very expensive. They are often deteriorated; the facades are dull, that they become hideous. Thanks to L’Armonial, the Panayot building will regain life and color; it will no more be threatened of destruction”.
Moni Duc, a commercial in her fifties

“I find this project quite simply marvelous. It makes it possible to contribute to the movement of old houses restoration, as it was the case for the Albergo hotel. There are already too many towers and modern districts in Beirut, then, when people of good will partake in the preservation of our legacy, it is remarkable! Achrafieh abounds in beautiful buildings; it is a very residential and very pleasant district. L’Armonial will perfectly fit in the harmony of this sector”.
Jihane Khairallah Sakr, director of the hotel Albergo