The typical villa will be composed of four floors, internally connected with a lift and a large staircase. The total built-up area of the villa, excluding technical basement, will be of 1,250 m²:

a- The basement: this technical floor, with a built-up area of 780 m², is semi-buried and composed of 5 to 7 parking lots, the concierge lounge, technical units (boiler, generator, pool equipments…), cellars (including a wine cellar), storehouses and water tanks.

b- The garden level: This is the main floor of the house.   Access is Greenstone-Orientalys-Admaprovided through a gentle slip-road, which will be positioned upstream of the main road. This 400 m² floor, with a height from floor to ceiling of 4.5 m, includes: the receptions (entrance hall, main living-room, library, dining room) the kitchen and service areas. It is primarily on this floor that outdoor areas complement the indoor rooms: entrance courts, garden, central courtyard and swimming pool, veranda and back courtyard together form a network of areas extending the single-storey main building with an additional surface of 700 m².

c- The 1st floor: On this indoor 450 m² floor, family apartments are located, including: a large master suite, 3 junior suites, a guest suite (at a lower semi-floor) and the family living-room.  Two of the junior suites and the guest suite enjoy an access to their private gardens on the same level. The master suite and the 3rd junior suite enjoy a panoramic view of the bay, and the family living-room is located in line with the central courtyard it overhangs.
d- The 2nd floor:  This floor, with an indoor area of 285 m², is the highest floor and is dedicated to recreation, including a multi-purpose recreation room, exercise room, and hammam/spa. All these areas together enjoy a surface of more than 300m² of terraces and gardens. Its location at the top of the building grants it an exceptional view.